About Julia Cuccaro-Green

I am…

A licensed professional counselor, board-certified dance / movement therapist, cultural / medical anthropologist, and a humble, lifelong student of people and the world.

I believe…

In the dignity and equality of all human beings. We are all deeply interconnected: my actions influence you, just as your actions influence me. Consequently, I believe we have a sacred duty to know and care for ourselves and for one another. When we do so, we experience the full beauty and richness of life.

I love…

Turning the pages of real books, experiencing art that makes you think, discovering the traditions and rituals of people, communing over meals and baked goods, making lists to bring clarity, and appreciating objects that tell a story.


YouBecome’s mission is to empower individuals as they pursue lives of purpose, authenticity, and wellness. We recognize the deep interconnectedness between self and community, and we strive to promote understanding, empathy, and justice in the world through introspection and healing.



Knowledge of ourselves and our world cultivates empathy, rapport, and collaboration.


We make an unwavering commitment to advancing liberation and living up to our highest ideals.


We live authentically when we are open to new ideas and give ourselves freedom to explore.


We seek to reclaim our agency in order to make our own choices and pursue the life we want.


Meaning, joy, and comfort are found in the reciprocal relationship with our communities and environment.